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About Angeline Pacy's Consulting
Ms. Pacy uses her research & training in wellness & biomedicine to educate clients & social networking followers about genetics, wellness & anthropological dietary concepts (comparing/contrasting dietary trends & cultural traditions). Follow original & adapted recipes @FrenchCookin on Twitter.

Ms. Pacy also LOVES medical liaison & research industry work-with-a-mission, including ambassador work in areas such as Lou Gehrig's disease (ALS), regenerative medicine & a partnership with cutting-edge anti-aging experts at GeroNova Research. She is also passionate about communications (public speaking, networking, research, writing, art for charity) & providing industry-related education (Quality & Clinical training, health education with over 30,000 clinical contact hours). Research skills include collection, evaluation & writing up of literature. She is available for consulting (Quality Assurance, clinical, & corporate training as well as brand-ambassador-with-a-cause & health areas).

Ms. Pacy regularly continues her education. With Toastmaster Competent Communicator certification, she enjoys leadership areas, leading clubs & meetings. NESTA Wellness Coaching certificates will be complete in 2016; she has Alternative Medicine & Sports Nutrition certificates. She began direct-care in 2006 when she was certified in Suicide Prevention, Crisis Intervention & Medication Distribution by Eliot Human Services. 

Early studies include graduate-level coursework (biology-focused statistics, immunology for undergrad credit). Regis College studies include Research Methods & a systematic review on Essential Fatty Acids, independent research into medical applications for Systems Theory & Psychoneuroimmunology, & BioPsychoSocial studies. Continuing ED at Our Lady of the Lake College (Biology-Human Medicine focus) includes pre-med & extracurricular pathology. An AA degree (French concentration, behavioral sciences transfer) was completed at the #1 community college in North America (TCC).