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Meet the MTHFRs
Resources for MTHFRs, Related Disorders and SNPs
Web resources for those interested in this common gene mutation contributing to a variety of chronic illnesses, impaired detoxification, neurological and cardiovascular disease, etc.
Angeline's Thoughts on MTHFR
  • There are nearly 60 ways in which the MTHFR pathway varies in an unhealthy or sub-optimal way (like a mutation only more common) but there are only 2-3 available commercial tests 
  • Some of the most aggressive variations do not have commercial tests
  • Patients can have many different variations at once, creating differences in clinical presentations
  • This Single-Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) involves both problems in folic acid metabolism AND methionine synthesis (an in-born error in metabolism)
  • Carriers are at an increased risk for a variety of toxic pathologies (neurotoxic, cytotoxic and hepatotoxic) and symptoms present along a spectrum and cycle due to fluctuations in enzyme activity (among other things)
  • Common clinical presentations are wide, due to differences in stressors like infections, environmental toxicity and exposures, diet, and other lifestyle choices
  • Childhood onset is typically more aggressive and often impacts more due to this period of life involving critical developmental stages and milestones
  • Most of the autistic population carries a variant in this pathway but other common presentations include mood disorders like depression and Seasonal Affect Disorder (depending upon the variation)
  • There are scientific studies and protocols published and available for you to utilize as part of a holistic life-style
  • Good diet, neurotransmitter replacement and folate supplementation is often not enough to stabilize the condition (and replacement of the reduced down-regulated products and supplementation with co-factors can be critical)
  • There are additional variations and mutations found within the methylation cycle (and other mutations in detoxification pathwaysthat can be tested and treated as part of a healthy lifestyle
​Use the form below to contact us for additional MTHFR information, consultation and resources. You may also inquire about participating in research.
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