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Here we have some of my favorite Asian dishes on Twitter that I've made at home, healthy and organic. Skip the MSG, added sugar, artificial additives and fillers. You'll never have to worry about the food coma or feeling hungry again two hours later! This is pure, all-natural Asian fun!
The Asian Hook-up: what is it and where can you get yours?

Ever wonder why Chinese food tastes so good but is so hard to reproduce at home? You can get the Asian hook-up right here, right from me! 

My early years were spent helping my mother in the kitchen. She and Dad were committed to a path of health and for many years, we lived off of brown rice, miso soup, tofu, and stir-fries (long before it was trendy). That's where my love for all things Asian in the kitchen began. But, as healthy and tasty as it was, we were always missing the unique flavors associated with the best Asian dishes. Why can't we reproduce that restaurant-like taste? The pursuit of this authenticity sent me on a life-long journey for real Asian goodness! 

After mingling with some of the brightest minds at MIT and affiliates, it became abundantly clear that my new friends love to eat and cook healthy Asian cuisine as much as me! And what is more, so many being Asian, they know more about China Town and authentic taste! 

After starting my own Asian-club with my new friends, I get the Asian hook-up 24-7, where I find everything from the best China Town has to offer in terms of restaurants, to exquisite dishes, flavors, secret spices, and produce. 
Eating Out:

P.F. Chang's: Generally, the Asian Club agrees that P.F. Chang's is not very authentic. I love it because they have a gluten-free menu, cook to request (I ask for no sugar added) and they don't cook with MSG. Service is very good too! Typically on a non-Asian tête-à-tête, this is my restaurant of choice. Its healthy, clean fun...
On a budget? Go for lunch!
Looking for light and healthy? Try the lettuce wraps or spicy eggplant!

​In China Town? Here is a list of restaurants worth the wait!
​*Taiwan Café
*Gourmet Dumpling

Use the form below to apply to become a member of our Asian Club.