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Under-Cover Kitchen: Your Cooking Exposé
One of the greatest joys in being a cook is just experiencing the work of others. From time to time, I do cook with a recipe. But, more often than not, I am creating something fresh and new based off of a dish that I already tried. Most great cooks don't like to go out to eat because nothing is quite as fresh or clean as homemade. 

But, to keep things in the kitchen fresh and spicy, I like to get out there and hit the streets. I don't just look for inspiration within; I experience the world around me and there are a lot of special things to try. What's cooking in your neighborhood? With a finely tuned palette, almost any dish can be recreated 
(even without a recipe).

Hint: also helpful for keeping up with cooking techniques and ideas that help recreate dishes from scratch, I watch public television cooking shows and the Food Network.
Over the holidays this year, we did a mini-exposé on eggnog. Where in Boston can you get a great eggnog on Christmas Eve

Even at Boston's top-end hang-outs, finding what we wanted took some work!

In the end, local, healthy and organic gave us the kick and flavor we needed to warm our holidays.