Integrative Health Work
Reaching Dreams, Living Life Vibrantly, Embracing Wellness
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Angeline Pacy coordinates Integrative-Health-Work where she acts as a personable medical liaison with a mission to promote powerful life-changing interventions such as:

♦ Medical devices
♦ Nutraceuticals
♦ Pharmaceuticals
♦ Biotechnology
♦ Healthy Lifestyle & Nutrition

Angeline Utilizes Platforms Such As:

♦ Medical Writing
♦ Social Media Networking
♦ Conference Networking
♦ Group & One-on-One Education
♦ Industry Training

Original Deliverables Include:

♦ Technical Documents
(with psychology-based presentation style for maximum learning)

♦ Presentations & Group Moderation
(as a trained & certified speaker & experienced Toastmaster)

♦ Development of Clinical & Regulatory Documents 
(including editing & QC)

♦ Healthcare Provider Education Materials

♦ Up-to-Date Articles

♦ Researching the State-of-Science
(literature review & systematic review)

As a certified wellness coach, Angeline motivates clients to create personal wellness by improving balance in mind, body & spirit. For maximum patient empowerment, she also works with clients to identify vital Bio-Psycho-Social influences that impact the client today & into the future.

About Integrative Health Work