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Angeline Pacy
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Immunomodulation: hot or hype?

by Angeline Pacy on 02/28/15

Immunomodulation 101: it's risky. And since the makers of marketed immunomodulators are rarely the partakers of immunomodulators, I'll cut to the chase. 

American medicine has truly missed the mark in this field. It's not always what you add to the body that will most benefit an irregular immune system. Sometimes the effective therapy involves controlling the intake of a substance starting with the following:

1.) Arachadonic acid. If you don't know what this is, learn it. Eliminate it from the majority of your daily meals and watch your body flourish. 

2.) Control inflammation by eliminating refined carbohydrate and sugar. Spiking blood sugar is a recipe for an inflammatory cascade that even Jesus can't save you from unless you want to do the work. Get on board. The truth shall set you free. Controlling blood sugar also aids in the process of controlling pro-inflammatory endogenous arachadonic levels.

3.) Detox: make it your number one priority. Regardless of the underlying condition for immune irregularity (albeit it infectious, metabolic, environmental toxicty / heavy metals, usually all of the above mentioned), the only way up is down. That means that you may fall apart before you get better during the metabolic detox process. But, no pain, no gain. 

Metabolic detox is complex if you are a newbie; but, the truth is out there. I like a combo of therapies, beginning with the basic detox pathways: sulphur (MSM), methylation (methyl cobalamin injections, methyl donors in general), phase 1, 2 and 3 - detox with GeroNova Research's potassium r-lipoic acid and the R-lipoic acid plus curcumin (two of the world's most powerful detoxifiers combined into one product). That increases the endogenous antioxidants like glutathione and SOD which speed cellular detox. 

Most of the currently marketed immunomodulators are immunosuppressive drugs with side effects resembling a Stephen King novel. Modulation should not be confused with suppression or even targeted suppression. For that reason alone, I recommend the following for true modulation of an irregular immune system (in order of effectiveness and safety). 

1.) biological spin traps

2.) lipid-soluble antioxidants

3.) medicinal mushrooms

4.) plant sterols

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